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Lost in a forest as the sun goes down... your only companion is your loyal dog, Boi, whose barking you can sometimes hear. Find your way out of the forest and find your goodest Boi before dark

Finalist: Chroma Art Awards 2019, Student VideoGame 

Judges comment: "A game made with heart" .

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Goodest Boi made some players dizzy; if that's you, good news! The 'steady' version, has better performance, no player head bob, camera delay or swirling grass. But wait, there's more! In the Pause menu, you can adjust FOV and mouse sensitivity. 


GoodestBoi_v4.2Lin.zip 170 MB
GoodestBoi_v4.2.app.zip 155 MB
GoodestBoi_v4.2.zip 149 MB
GoodestBoi_Steady_2.0.zip 150 MB
GoodestBoi_Steady_2.0.app.zip 155 MB
GoodestBoi_Steady2.0_Linux.zip 156 MB

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While it seems I found the fastest route to the Goodest Boi, I still enjoyed the experience. The simple graphics and bright colors worked well together to make a sort of painted world to take a relaxing stroll through. Or at least as relaxing a stroll as one can take while hunting for their lost dog.

Good job, devs.

Thank you for your review! I smiled all the way through. You were spot on with your comments, really got what we were going for and clearly having a good time. If you play it again there are more places to find, but the dog does indeed go via the fastest route. I was rapt that you could hear the direction of Boi's barking because that was my task., first time I'd used audio in Unity.  I will tweak the dog's last destination as the navmesh is not quite lined up with the end; your hearing was spot on.  And, also right on, it was a class project @YoobeeSchool.  I'm hoping people find this as a nice game for kids to play too.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEA9Sk7xAVc&feature=youtu.be this game is really awesome and good for chilling i really loved it keep it up ! :) and i hope u enjoy my gameplay

Thanks for the awesome feedback and also for the gameplay video. It shows exactly where we need to remove some invisible walls. Great work. 


Hello there! Boi definitely went pretty far in the forest haha! I like the idea, nice and touching story behind it too, but for the gameplay I think those invisible walls were a bit too much, and too long. Either make it obvious that we can't go thought that path or don't put them, I've had to walk way more because of them and the character is not going that fast haha. I forgot to talk about the background music, which for me was really calm and appeasing! Nice work overall! 

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful review. I'm so pleased you liked the storyline and music. Our tutor had already critiqued the invisible walls, so we'd deleted some but clearly not enough! It'd be easy to increase player speed too. I had seen the GDW competition, but hadn't thought to aspire to that level... I'll talk to the team about putting in an entry! 

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